Every season brings new possibilities, but this one more so. After the year we’ve had, and the current conditions that still exist, there’s never been a greater need for discovery. For many of us, there’s a desire to go on a journey, but the question is...where? 

Options are still limited, the future remains uncertain. But nothing has to stop you from preparing to get out there, or simply find something new within yourself. The city scape views of Washington D.C. and the fashion forward culture of Paris inspired our new collection, but truth is the country side has a symbolic appeal too the very best things often lie off the beaten track. Right now, is the time to try things we had never considered as rules are being rewritten, so why not rewrite them your way? 

Clothes play a part in this. They can signal a fresh start and provide small pleasures we shouldn’t take for granted. This moment is, after all, about appreciating things however major or minor, and how they can help form something new. Change is on the horizon, so create something new of your own. 

With the launch of our brands Inge PRIME and Trilogy, we invite you to the cobblestone and paved streets of D.C. and the sunlit corners of Paris France for a cinematic fashion showcase.